Resource Guru Subprocessors

To support Resource Guru in delivering its services, we may use third party service providers to assist us with data processing activities. Where we act as a data processor, these third parties are known as subprocessors. From time to time, we may need to add or remove a subprocessor if we feel it is necessary, but any subprocessor we engage with will need to comply with the same data protection obligations as we set out in our Terms of Use. If you would like to receive email updates about new subprocessors, you can opt in here. Account Holders can object, in writing, to the processing of their personal data by a new subprocessor within 30 days of them appearing on this list and shall provide a legitimate reason to object. If no such objection is received within the 30 day period, the new subprocessor(s) shall be deemed accepted.

In the table below we identify our subprocessors along with the service provided, their location and, where applicable, the date they will be added.

Name of subprocessor Service provided Location Date due to be added
Alchemer Forms and surveys USA Existing
Amazon Web Services Cloud hosting infrastructure USA Existing
Amplitude Product usage analytics USA Existing
Ask Nicely Forms and surveys USA Existing
ChartMogul Analytics EU (Germany) Existing
Clearbit Data enrichment USA Existing
Datadog Application and infrastructure monitoring USA Existing
Front Customer support services USA Existing
Google Cloud Platform * Hosting EU (Republic of Ireland) Existing
Google Workspace * Email and office applications EU (Republic of Ireland) Existing
Highrise CRM USA Existing
Hubspot CRM UK Existing
Intercom Communication, marketing and customer support services USA Existing
Peaberry Software Inc. ( Communication, marketing and customer support services USA Existing
ProductBoard Customer feedback USA Existing
Recurly Subscription billing USA Existing
The Rocket Science Group, LLC (Mailchimp) ** Communication services USA Existing
Salesforce (Slack Technologies Limited) Internal communications EU (Republic of Ireland) Existing
Segment Customer data platform USA Existing
Sentry Application error tracking USA Existing
Stripe Payment processing USA Existing
TypeForm Forms and surveys EU (Spain) Existing
Uploadcare Inc. File uploads USA 21 February 2024
Xero Accounting system UK Existing

* In terms of Google, we contract with Google Ireland Limited, who are based in the EU and as such do not require any SCCs (standard contractual clauses) or other measures with Google Ireland. For further information on Google Ireland’s use of subprocessors and any onward transfers, please see the following statement from Google: "Google Ireland Limited is the service provider for EU cloud customers, but its operations rely on the use of Google Group and third party subprocessors who may access customer data to provide the services you request. Google Cloud provides a list of Google entities which provide the services (including detailed information such as their location and processing activity) in our subprocessors page (GCP; Workspace). We can confirm that any onward transfers to these subprocessors are subject to Google Ireland’s GDPR commitments and subject to intra-company agreements aligned with the SCCs. For further details on the position with Google, please see Google Cloud & the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

** In terms of Mailchimp (The Rocket Science Group, LLC), please find details at Mailchimp and European Data Transfers.

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