Resource scheduling software for happier workers

Your employees are your most precious asset. Resource Guru is a forecasting & scheduling tool that respects people's time and ensures no one gets overloaded or burnt out.

A bird’s eye view of your team

A resource scheduling tool that shows you who’s overloaded and who’s under-utilized. Who’s bored and who’s about to burn out in the organization. Simply drag and drop to rebalance workloads. A more efficient approach to resource management & scheduling.

Streamlining resource scheduling

Projects and schedules change constantly. Simply drag, drop, extend, contract, split or duplicate. It’s the super-efficient resource scheduling software you’ve been looking for!

Kiss goodbye to over-allocation

Avoid burnout and improve staff retention with the unique clash management and waiting list features. Put a stop to one of the biggest reasons for project failure - over-allocated resources.

Powering the schedules of thousands of teams around the world
From only $4.16 per person, per month
Resource scheduling filters

Quickly find the right people for the job

Powerful filters help you find and schedule resources based on "Skill", "Department", "Location" or even your own custom fields.

Maximize utilization

Use the Availability Bar to scan for availability. Maximize billable hours and avoid unnecessary use of freelancers. Resource capacity planning has never been this easy.

Super fast!

Some resource scheduling software slowly grinds to a crawl as you add more and more data. But, with some of the largest companies in the world using Resource Guru, we’ve invested heavily in making sure it zips along like a hockey puck on ice.

Flexible resource bookings

Flexible types of booking

Book a number of hours, eg 2h 30m. Or a specific time, eg 9am to 10am, for precise schedule management across your team. Easily toggle between billable/non-billable too. This is no traditional calendar.

Alex Matthews
Alex Matthews
Resource Guru has the perfect balance of simplicity and detail. It’s easy to see where issues might arise.
Stefania Sabbatini
Stefania Sabbatini
Resource Guru is simple to use. It allows us to optimize our resources and keep an eye on every project.
Martin Verdult
Martin Verdult
With the Guru software we get better insights into our daily resource planning. Great tool & easy to use.
Equipment resource scheduling

Schedule anything, not just people

Need to schedule meeting rooms or equipment? No problem! Schedule anything you like.

synchronize team calendars

Everything important in one calendar

Inaccurate schedules can throw a working day into disarray. Use our two-way Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar integrations or sync via iCal feed to get a single view of team availability, all in one place.

Control the chaos with approvals

Team scheduling can be chaotic. Take back control over your resource scheduling process with Approval Workflow. Protect the time of in-demand teammates and prioritize the work that matters most.

Resource scheduling in different time zones

Time zone support

Scheduling people in different time zones can be confusing. You need a project management schedule that keeps track of everyone's time zone and helps avoid scheduling mistakes.

Mobile resource scheduling

Resource management from anywhere

Designed and built for a beautiful, fast mobile experience.


Project managers can schedule work simultaneously without stepping on each others toes. It’s resource scheduling with one resource pool, one team calendar and zero pain!

What is resource scheduling?

In its most basic form, resource scheduling is a way of ensuring workloads are effectively distributed across your team or resource pool based on people’s availability. Software like Resource Guru helps you forecast resource usage and see the bigger picture.

It’s a crucial aspect of all project management and is essential for ensuring you are fully staffed for your forthcoming workloads. Otherwise known as capacity planning.

The benefits of good resource scheduling include:

  • Evenly distributed workloads that prevent your team from being either overwhelmed or under-utilized.
  • An increased chance of projects being delivered on time and on budget due to improved timeline visibility and resource usage.
  • Happier clients due to improved management of expectations and fewer nasty surprises.
  • More efficient use of freelancers or temporary workers leading to cost savings.
  • Better overall team utilization rates leading to increased profitability.
  • Happier, less stressed out employees leading to higher staff retention rates.

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