Resource Guru integrations for every occasion

Even Gurus crave company sometimes. Connect your favorite software and find harmony in time-saving automations and synchronized team schedules.

Google Calendar and Outlook Calendar integrations

Sync your schedule with Google Calendar and Outlook

Connect to Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook Calendar in seconds. Save hours wasted resolving booking conflicts and split schedules.

Events and bookings are synced both ways in real-time so you can be confident that nothing will slip through the cracks.

Even better. You can add Google or Outlook push notifications to Resource Guru events so you get extra reminders that keep you on track.

Other calendar integrations

Integrate any calendar you choose

Don't use Google or Outlook Calendar? Integrate Apple Calendar, Calendly, Fantastical, or your calendar software of choice using our one-way iCal feed.

With Resource Guru bookings feeding straight into your calendar, you can reap the benefits of having a single view of team availability in one place.

Zapier integrations

Connect Resource Guru with 1,500+ apps

Use our Zapier integration to connect Resource Guru with everything from Slack to Salesforce.

It's a fast and flexible way to customize the way you work, share data across platforms, and remove repetitive tasks that slow you down.

Our favorite Resource Guru integrations with Zapier

Share new booking notifications in Microsoft Teams

Make everyone aware of team time off in Slack

Import teammates in bulk using Google Sheets

Stay up-to-date in real-time with custom email notifications

The more the merrier

We have more Resource Guru integrations in the pipeline, but we know that every team works in different ways. Are there any other integrations that are missing that you can’t solve with Zapier or our API? We’d love to hear about them and how they could help you.

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