Information technology (IT) resource management

IT teams are always in-demand. Whether working for internal teams or important clients, precise resource planning is essential. Track your team’s capacity, assign work strategically, and keep IT projects on track.

Instant insight into team capacity and project progress

Get a visual overview of team availability and make IT resource planning the easiest part of your week. See who’s in and out, understand who’s working on what, and schedule your way to project success.

Keep projects on track

Keep IT projects on track

Without precise project scheduling, deadlines slip. Track timelines and workloads across multiple IT projects. Identify overtime and allocation issues that could throw you off track.

Absorb unexpected work

IT teams are inundated with unexpected tasks. Track capacity in real-time and see how incoming work will impact your team. Any issues? Reschedule and reassign work in an instant.

Analyze utilization and billable-hours

Prioritize productivity

Busy doesn’t always mean productive. Monitor utilization and unbillable hours in powerful reports. Keep focus on upcoming work with personalized dashboards and email notifications.

Avoid resource overallocation

Avoid employee burnout

Burnout harms people and productivity. Keep workloads realistic with clash management. Build time off into project plans. Avoid overallocation and employee turnover.

Resource Guru integrations

Customize the way you work

Run IT resourcing the way you want. Add custom fields to organize your team. Sync external calendars and integrate almost any software using our API, webhooks, or Zapier.

Manage access and approvals

Manage access and approvals

Managing risk is an IT essential. We do our part by keeping your data safe. While you control access to schedules, reports, and resources via advanced permissions and approval systems.

The information technology resource management tool trusted by organizations around the world

"We are now able to track all of the resources within our department and run metrics on what is being worked on and what our utilization is across IT.

The software is easy to use with searchable features and the ability to track people’s working hours and forecast future demand.

Reporting provides vital details for our KPIs and metrics, helping drive improvements and efficiencies within our organization."

Jessica A – IT PMO Manager

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